With new engines, improved braking systems, and innovative suspensions, the new Harley-Davidson® motorcycles dominate every category in the motorcycle industry. They’re powerful enough to get you where you need to go in a hurry, and every component is optimized for rider comfort and convenience. But even the best bikes can always use some extra accessories, which is why you should consider customizing your ride with the amazing new Screamin’ Eagle® upgrades. These parts can be used to boost your power, make your bike more comfortable, and add an extra element of style—all aspects that every rider will appreciate. So if you ride a touring motorcycle and want to get the most out of your Harley®, get one of the following Screamin’ Eagle® accessories installed at Southern Devil HD®. We’re located near Rome and Dalton, GA.

Harley-Davidson® Screamin’ Eagle® Fully Adjustable Piggyback Shocks

While the new suspension system on Harley-Davidson® touring motorcycles is fantastic in itself, there’s always more you can do to enjoy a smoother ride. With the Screamin’ Eagle® Adjustable Piggyback Shocks, you can actually preload the suspension to your liking. Obviously, no two riders are the same, so being able to modify the shocks based on your weight and riding preferences can make a huge difference. Also, Piggyback Shocks don’t just enhance performance—they also look a lot better. The preload adjusters come in a sleek black anodized color, while the canister is also blacked out. If you want to increase comfort and improve your look with just one part, the custom Screamin’ Eagle® Piggyback Shocks are the way to go.

Harley-Davidson® Screamin’ Eagle® Street Cannon Exhaust Upgrades

The new Milwaukee-Eight™ engine is more powerful than anything Harley® has ever released. It gets more torque than most riders know what to do with, while humming quietly for an aggressive yet smooth ride. And with the Screamin’ Eagle® Street Cannon Exhaust, you can elevate that motor’s functionality to a whole new level! The faster you pump out the exhaust, the quicker the engine can achieve rotations, which ultimately lets you ride with even more intensity and speed. The Street Cannon Exhaust also comes in various styles, like chrome finished and blacked out designs. Not to mention, if you pair it with 3.25” endcaps, you’ll have a nice combination of custom parts that go nicely on any Harley-Davidson®. When you do decide to install these features, be sure to talk to our experts first so we can set you up with the right size and style for your bike.

Harley-Davidson® Screamin’ Eagle® Stage III Milwaukee-Eight™ Upgrade Kit

The Harley® legacy is rooted firmly in performance—the core fundamental of motorcycle riding. A powerful bike is a brag worthy bike, which is why adding more torque to your motor only makes it better. While the Milwaukee-Eight™ already helps you reach incredible speeds, you can boost this potential even more with a Stage III Milwaukee-Eight™ Upgrade Kit from Screamin’ Eagle. These kits can turn 107 cubic inches into 117 cubic inches, which increases the horsepower by as much as 39%! That’s a lot of extra strength. In fact, it’s enough to make you feel like you’re riding solo, even when carrying a passenger and fully loaded saddlebags. Every rider likes to let loose a little when touring the landscape, and with the Stage III Upgrade Kit, you’ll have more than enough power to rule the road wherever you go.

With so many great accessories from Screamin’ Eagle®, it’s clear why so many riders are improving their bikes with these custom parts. The new Harley-Davidson® touring lineup is great as it is, but it can get even better with a little bit of customization, so come on into Southern Devil HD® to get these features installed on your motorcycle. We’re in Cartersville, GA, serving Chattanooga, TN, and also Huntsville and Birmingham, AL.

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