Once you’ve narrowed down your motorcycle options to a particular group of bikes, you’ll be faced with an even harder choice: which model? The Street bikes are your one-way ticket to excellent performance and cool style, so get a model you’re really going to love. Stop by Southern Devil Harley-Davidson® in Cartersville, Georgia to see these bikes for yourself.

What Makes a Street Bike?

To the untrained eye, all motorcycles sort of look the same. If it doesn’t matter to you what the differences are, then you’re less likely to spot them. But when you’re looking for a bike to own, you’re going to want to know some of these distinctions as it plays a major role in your final decision. In the motorcycle market, a street bike is simply a way to refer to motorcycles you can ride on any paved roads. This excludes racing bikes, off-road bikes, and scooters.

However, for Harley-Davidson®, it means something a little more specific. These street bikes are slim and lightweight. The streets they’ll be rolling down are mostly narrow city streets, so they’re designed to handle well and easily squeeze into any tight space. All of the parts are slimmed down, including the smaller gas tanks and narrower tires. This also makes them lighter, like the lightweight front fenders.

Their engines are designed to provide more power and more speed without compromising on efficiency or torque. Faster response times will help you better navigate the ever-changing traffic patterns of a busy road, as well as optional ABS to give you better stopping power. Not to mention, these bikes also come with the classic, fine-tuned suspension options that you’d only see with a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.

And what would a street bike be without lots of style points? From the drag-style handlebars to the sleek paint finishes, these are the kinds of motorcycles you’ll go out of your way to show off. Plus, with blacked out parts, you’ll have a modern look that’ll catch the attention of everyone you pass.

The Bikes

So then what bikes will you be looking at? There are a number of Harley-Davidson® bikes that can qualify as street bikes, but there are a few that rank as some of the most popular and well-known street bikes. Take the Street Rod™ for example. This bike was made for the rider who wants to throw in just the right amount of adrenaline on their daily commute. The newer models come with the latest High Output Revolution X™ engine, featuring a dual throttle body, cylinder heads, and enhanced intake ports and cams. It makes it one of the most powerful street bikes from Harley-Davidson® with 18% more horsepower and 8% more torque.

You can also check out the Street® 750, one of the darkest and sleekest bikes in the lineup. These models get the 750cc liquid-cooled Revolution X™ engine, completely blacked out for style and slimmed down to fit perfectly in this low-profile ride. It’s also one of the lighter models so you can optimize handling and smooth sailing down the freeway. Not to mention, if this is your first bike, a lighter bike is usually an easier bike to learn on. And for extra style, it comes with a low seat height at just 28 inches. It’s the perfect dark, customized look for a ride that gives you as much power and punch as it does style.

Still not sure? That’s what our experienced staff are for. Stop by Southern Devil Harley-Davidson® and let us know what you want from your street bike so we can help you find the perfect motorcycle. We serve Rome and Acworth, Georgia; Huntsville and Birmingham, Alabama; and Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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