Motorcycle Rider Training Courses

New Rider Course

Learn to ride a motorcycle – no experience required! If you’re ready for motorcycle riding lessons, there’s no better place to learn. You can receive a motorcycle license after the class.

During the classroom interactive sessions, expectations will be set, you'll learn about the different types of motorcycles, their controls & operation, proper gear for comfort & protection, motorcycle safety, how to create a strategy for riding in traffic & dealing with critical situations, and the basic skills to prepare you for the riding on the range. Alcohol and other drugs may affect your operation of the motorcycle.  You will also get a chance to trial fit different motorcycles &  protective gear, with a look into the Harley-Davidson® lifestyle through the dealership.

Note: Motorcycle will be furnished by Southern Devil Harley-Davidson

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Skilled Rider Course

Designed for individuals with some riding experience.  Experience the thrill of riding your own motorcycle.


License Waiver Class: MSF eCourse, Classroom, knowledge test, & Range (riding & skilled test).  Must attend and pass both tests. Usually scheduled over 1.5 days and/or evening classroom (no bike required – can not ride after dark on a permit) and Range time (full day - a day or two after classroom).   Must have an "MP" License.

Skill Practice Class: No testing, a full range day usually scheduled with LW class range time. Must have a class "M" License. 

Note: Those individuals with an "MP" motorcycle permit will earn a 90-day license waiver (NO FURTHER TESTING by GA) to get your motorcycle license.

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3-Wheel New Rider Course

No experience required. The best place for a rider to start once they've made the decision to ride a 3-wheel motorcycle.

A 3-wheel motorcycle does not have to be balanced and does not lean. This course is designed for those with any experience level of riding.  Blended design from the New Rider & Skilled Rider Course. This course includes a few hours of classroom activities and several hours over two-days of on-cycle riding exercises. The course is usually scheduled over a two-day period. This course concentrates on controls operation, slow speed finesse, cornering, braking, swerving, and emergency avoidance skills. Successful completion may lead to an insurance discount. A person must pass a knowledge and skill test for successful completion. This course qualifies for a GA 90-day license waiver allowing an individual to obtain your "M" license for 3-wheel motorcycles.

Note: Those individuals with an "MP" motorcycle permit will earn a 90-day license waiver (NO FURTHER TESTING by GA) to get your motorcycle license.

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Other MSF Courses

A one-day course that complements a rider's basic skills and helps with personal risk assessment. It includes a fast-paced classroom segment with several interactive activities to improve perception and hazard awareness. Range exercises enhance both basic skills and crash avoiding skills. Improving braking and cornering finesse is emphasized. The course is beneficial for riders on any type of street motorcycle. The course combines multiple skills into a single path of travel to better relate to street conditions/hazards.

Advanced Rider Course, Basic Bike Bonding Course, Ultimate Bike Bonding Course.

Rider Education Courses Available at Souther Devil H-D